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Pronoun Stamps - They/Them (PREFERRED) by NummyPixelsPronoun Stamps - He/Him (PREFERRED) by NummyPixelsPronoun Stamps - She/Her (ACCEPTED) by NummyPixels

How to determine if I will be your Date mate stuff:
What I Am Stamps - Polyamorous by NummyPixelsRomantic Orientation Stamps - Panromantic by NummyPixelsSexuality Stamps - Demisexual by NummyPixels

About me stamps:
Stamp- 'OCs are like . . . ' by CalvariaeI Made This Stamp With a Small Loan of $1,000,000 by Mintaka-TKYeah by NummyPixelsForget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123OCs Stamp by himawari-tanSelf Taught by GoatSocksGender Stamps - Transgender by NummyPixelsTrich Awareness I by willowdiamondPrince (Stamp) by ghoulrMagical Boy (Stamp) by ghoulr1112 by phantombl00dPrettyboy // Stamp by probablyuncomfortbleRene by Re-thoSuffering // Stamp by probablyuncomfortble:))))) // Stamp by probablyuncomfortble:) // Stamp by probablyuncomfortbleDon't take me so seriously (Stamp) by ghoulrMy Safe Space Stamp by oceanstampsLooking At My Old Drawings Burns My Eyes [Stamp] by DyenneyI Cuss A Lot [Stamp] by Dyenney835 by phantombl00deither run it's still undertale by trueresetI get into fandoms late - stamp by trueresetsome folk need to be PUNished by CassidyPetersonLOUD. NOISES. by CassidyPetersonOC Stamp by inSYNCinSANITYI love when people draw my characters stamp by ReiirinDark and Girly Stamp by StampMakerLKJSo Many Fandoms so Little Time by endlerI don't bite by Fyi-SusI Use Weird Methods To Achieve What I Want [Stamp] by DyenneyPatience Is Not My Thing [Stamp] by DyenneyMultishipper - Stamp by XiiSpendinAllHerTimeVirgin Is Not A Synonym For Loser by JustYoungHeroesIT'S TIME TO STOP! (Stamp) by ghoulrYeahhhhhh by NummyPixelsRP cute stamp by himawari-tani collect PLUSHIES! stamp by RRRAIno, i dont think gender and sex are the same thing by deadstampsand above all.... by deadstampsArt saves me Stamp by Mel-Roseyheebie-jeebies by cockrocketSo Many Books by LaPurrWishful Thinking by whispwill'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-StampsHyper Critical by whispwillI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateInspiration Strikes when... by QinniMy Younger Self Stamp by invader-zim-14No Respect by MegSyvOriginal Character Addict by lycanthropefulFlawed OC Stamp by EnjoumouRowling please... by JustYoungHeroesHyper by Fyi-SusStamp - Character Cruelty Zone by Fullmetal-PhantomBookworm by JustYoungHeroesSorry I won't be a dick :) by Fae-GutsDon't Worry by Fyi-SusUGH (Stamp) by ghoulr(Request) Hey, They're A Good Thing by Foxstar241Tis True. by Foxstar241I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawI Love Anti-Villains Stamp by cutielinkle

My mental state?:
PERIDOT by hallucinationgalaxyPanic disorder stamp by nintendoqsMentally Ill stamp by nintendoqsADHD stamp by nintendoqsBorderline PD stamp by nintendoqsBrain VS Heart by Fyi-Sus

Aesthetic Garbage and things I say mixing to create sin~:
3. by stampy-sweetWe Are Made Of Star Stuff by ThePrettiestSaladanother stamp again by ghoulrRekt // Stamp by probablyuncomfortbleEat a Dick // Stamp by probablyuncomfortble1142 by phantombl00dow by MEMECRAFTI mispelled kinky but okay by lizardlikerblease by lizardlikerO SHIT LOOK AT THESE DANK MEMES // Stamp by probablyuncomfortblelizard pride by lizardlikertruth by lizardlikerdon't fuck dragons, kids by lizardlikeri approve by lizardlikerdont!!! Kinkshame!!!! by lizardlikerSinful stamp by cipher-pinesIt me // Stamp by probablyuncomfortblewater stamp by gunsweatfries stamp by kawaiicunt-stampswhatever glitch stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsgreat deal, if you're the frugal type by KATZENSAFTTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxI Like the Smell of Rain Stamp by CRIMlNALSCheshire Cat by JustYoungHeroesRed Moon Lover by JustYoungHeroesEw People by electr0killDon't get attached by AdrianaFilipBeautifully Flawed by Fyi-SusI'm not LAZY by Fyi-SusYour time by Fyi-SusStamp_Trashy trashy by Chivi-chivikStampityAwkward by Fyi-Susthatswhatshesaid by Fyi-Susidgaffff by Fyi-SusMy Head is a Very Dark Place Stamp by CRIMlNALSStressed Out | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroesCenturies | Fall Out Boy by JustYoungHeroesCar Radio | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroesKitchen Sink | Twenty One Pilots by JustYoungHeroesI tried... I can't anymore by JustYoungHeroesFuck Off Senpai (Stamp) by ghoulrsupport the cringe by marshmallowcookiwolf

Actually what I wear on my days off cause fuck pants and shit
Constructive Criticism Welcome Stamp by FadedSketch
Hi, I'm Shane, I'm 18 and working at Subway, so I will post when I can but usually im to tired to do anything honestly,but I will post what I finish <3 I work with both digital and Traditional media I'm geting better with my Digital media which is exciting and I am really starting to understand it.

I am Fandom garbage, I love anime and RPG games to death. I play World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash brothers, Undertale, The Sims 2 (excellent for moding and murdering thy enemies lol), KHuX, Servant Battle, Disney Magical dice (its fucking disney monopoly lol), and Animal Crossing plus many many more!
852 by phantombl00d
I'm a very feminine transboy but I dont really want to get surgery I don't experience dysphoria as intense as alot of transboys, I know my body is female, and I can live with it and I'm actually comfortable with my body even though I know in my heart I'm a boy. It probably doesn't make sense because most trans don't want to be in their bodies as they are, but I don't feel it would make sense to get the surgery for me, I also have a fear of people touching me and blood and who knows maybe I could die from blood loss X.X honestly having a girls body isn't that bad either, since I can be my own model for anatomy practice ^^"



My birthday badgeThis might make you punch your screen... by wooven


Oh shit waddup?


Aug 26, 2016
6:38 am
Aug 25, 2016
11:43 pm
Aug 25, 2016
8:29 pm
Aug 25, 2016
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Aug 25, 2016
12:55 pm

Guys this really great group is helping for a great cause you guys should send in applications 

No deviants said healwithcolors-ab.deviantart.c… <---- Apply here
No deviants said The theme is music, and they want colored works so make sure you keep that in mind
No deviants said It's to help with Heal the world charity that helps kids in disadvantaged countries get basic necessities that we take for-granted such as shelters, food, clean water, and that stuff


you're dead to me
Thu Aug 11, 2016, 9:39 AM
now son, dont touch the cactus :3
Tue Aug 2, 2016, 7:09 PM
<small>insert stick figures here</small>
Mon Aug 1, 2016, 9:58 PM
Sat Jul 9, 2016, 9:02 PM
Sun Jul 3, 2016, 10:52 PM


Shitpost Gacha
Deadpool with MTT boots by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Sebastato by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Aged self portrait...  by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Yellow trash by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Angry duck or goose idk actually by Sorex-And-HikameRose
New Fandom Starter kit! by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Shitposts made by me exclusively for your personal amusement, you can share them but I will not post them publicly myself, so credit me if you do :3

above are examples of the varied things that shoot out of my ass and onto a page

collect 5 shitpost Gachas and get a free regular Gacha <3 (please note me once you do collect 5, I will have a little notebook with tallys in it on who got how many 

Points only please <3
Chibi style character with a set of 4 outfits I dont have a current visual right now but im getting it started for sure

Let me know gender and color and I'll pop out a new design with 4 outfits to go alongside your new design <3

Points only please <3
*OPEN* Adoptable #4 Goat girl :3 by Sorex-And-HikameRose
-3 by Sorex-And-HikameRose
-2 by Sorex-And-HikameRose
-1 by Sorex-And-HikameRose
pay here for adoptables, points only please <3
Doodlebobs (with color!)
The first human by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Eye of the beholder  by Sorex-And-HikameRose
mouth by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Deadpool with MTT boots by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Aesthetic hair by Sorex-And-HikameRose
New Fandom Starter kit! by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Tell me what you want and if you would like an OC drawn then give me a description of your oc and a reference that is similar so i can get an idea of what you want and then i'll do a quick doodlebob of them. It should take anywhere from about 1-2 hours depending on when i get the request ill usually post before the end of the day though. I do basic flat coloring with inking over the lines to "clean it up" so if you prefer no inking let me know, let me know what color you would prefer for inking lines (Basic black, Purple, Light purple, metallic purple, silver, metallic blue, metallic black, yellow, sparkly yellow, white, clear *to give it some glossy texture*, and gold).

Doodlebobs are my way of saying quick sketches or doodles, i do them usually during my breaks and I don't really know what I want to draw.

Or if you prefer Paypal Send $2.00 to @artemisdawnscarlet on Paypal :3
Death the Kid by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Peace from Stein by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Semi-realistic? eyes by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Inked Miyu by Sorex-And-HikameRose
In the eyes of a Trichotillomaniac by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Gisella and Riku by Sorex-And-HikameRose
If there is a character you would like line art for, Id be glad to try my hand for you, this has the option of full body. Paper and Digital Options are avalible, give me a detailed description and if possible a reference picture. :3

Or if you prefer Paypal Send $6.00 to @artemisdawnscarlet on Paypal :3
Inked Miyu by Sorex-And-HikameRose
WELCOME!! From Hikame Rose and Sorex by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Line Art  by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Lay here with me by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Enveloped in darkness by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Usually from the waist and up. Paper (watercolor and inking used) or Digital options, and provide a detailed description of your character and if possible a reference picture :3

Or if you prefer Paypal Send $6.00 to @artemisdawnscarlet on Paypal :3
Full body
Ophelia (gif reuploaded!) by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Full body Commission for HeartlessDemonAsil by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Skipper2048's OC Contest Entry: Vlad by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Reference for the tatos by Sorex-And-HikameRose
Full body/Reference picture can be paper (colored with watercolor usually, and inked) or digital. Provide a detailed description and if possible a reference picture.

Or if you prefer Paypal Send $8.00 to @artemisdawnscarlet on Paypal :3

list of potatos

My nerd friendos

:iconthepurplewolfartist: This nerd

:icongayninjasoup: only the finest memes distributed

:iconchaoticallydreams: queen

:iconanthromegaflowey: WINE MOM FRIENDS!!!!!

:iconstormysocks: Chub child

:iconxilluminaughty: Edgy music friends

:icondayshiax3: My bff/sister (rp sister) She makes a perf Erza, and I made a Shitt OC that she decided was quality sister material -DAYSHIA DARLING NO- (HER COLORATION SKILLS ARE FAB)

:iconnekocandiesadopts: Kohai, the tiniest smol anger child, I love this kohai, also she was my first watcher, and I know her irl too soooo yeeeeeeee

:iconthe--creative--cat: Cat-chan is a total sweetheart <3

:iconwanderingsketchpad: this lil tato needs love give the tato affection snuggle the tato and tell the tato they are loved

:iconcraig-kun12: Other Kohai, he is a sensitive potato, please be nice to him :3


Sorex-And-HikameRose has started a donation pool!
85 / 100
Thank you for visiting my profile if you enjoy my art and can spare a few points I would be honored if you would support me with a donation <3 It means so much to me to have you guys around <3 I love you all deeply *u*


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